25 Nov 2015

MIXTAPE VOL. 01: november 2015

          Lately, I've found myself clicking the replay button to Charlie Puth's EP titled Some Type of Love. There's something with his voice... It's rather different—in a good way. And since it's November already, his sweet, mellow voice goes perfect with the cold and chilly weather.

22 Nov 2015

WISHLIST VOL. 01: Christmas 2015

          With Christmas just around the corner, tons of store/shops are now having their sale for the holiday season. And because of this, I've been shamelessly window shopping. What? Don't judge me. Not everyones rich, ya know!!

19 Nov 2015

INSPIRATION VOL. 01: 6 inspiring travel quotes

          With the generous help of social media, other people's experiences, travels, and adventures can now be shared with just one click. I admit—I do get envious of those people who has the opportunity to travel around the globe. You literally have no idea how much time I spend sprawled across my bed reading famous travel blogger's blog posts.

16 Nov 2015

LIFE UPDATE VOL. 01: i'm going to a concert!

          Going to a concert has been the second thing on my bucket list ever since I could even remember—and for your information, traveling in Europe is the first one! There were loads of times in the past that my all time favorite bands/artists would go on tour here—like Fall Out Boy, One Republic, A Rocket to the Moon, Simple Plan... must I go on? And unfortunately, I was either broke—which was all the time—or my mom wouldn't let me go. Yes, as stupid as it sounds, but my mom thinks that I'm too much of a baby to actually go to a concert.

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