16 Nov 2015

LIFE UPDATE VOL. 01: i'm going to a concert!

          Going to a concert has been the second thing on my bucket list ever since I could even remember—and for your information, traveling in Europe is the first one! There were loads of times in the past that my all time favorite bands/artists would go on tour here—like Fall Out Boy, One Republic, A Rocket to the Moon, Simple Plan... must I go on? And unfortunately, I was either broke—which was all the time—or my mom wouldn't let me go. Yes, as stupid as it sounds, but my mom thinks that I'm too much of a baby to actually go to a concert.

          Together with a few friends, I will be going to the Bazooka Rocks Festival IV. And if you didn't know yet, Bazooka Rocks is a well-known indoor music festival here in my country. Their 4th festival—which is this year—will be held at the the Samsung Hall in SM Aura on November 28th. This festival is a moshpit—meaning, there are no seats and everyone would be bumping against each other's sweaty bodies while yelling at the top of their lungs. But I couldn't care less, it's my first concert/music festival for crying out loud!!

Photo from Facebook

Photo from Facebook

Photo from Facebook

          I bought the ticket online, simply because I was to lazy to go out and actually buy it (surprise, surprise!!). I've purchased my ticket for about a couple of months now. But I only claimed it last week (I'm too scared that I'll lose it).

          Since this would be my first ever concert/music festival to attend to; I honestly don't even know what to expect. But I know that it would be an unforgettable night, especially because I'm gonna spend it with good company. The event is only a few days away; 11 to be exact (yes, i keep count). I am beyond thrilled and ecstatic! The music junkie in me is literally jumping around in joy.

          Since that it is a music festival, there are quite a few bands/artists that will be included in the festival's lineup this year. Some are local bands, and some are international too.

This year's lineup:
Never Shout Never
Nick Santino
This Century
Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!
Absolute Play

          Hopefully, I would be able to get stuff signed by the artists, especially Nick Santino—If ever that would happen, I would literally die of happiness!!!! I love him so much it hurts. It would also be really cool if I had the opportunity to take a couple of photos with them.

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