25 Nov 2015

MIXTAPE VOL. 01: november 2015

          Lately, I've found myself clicking the replay button to Charlie Puth's EP titled Some Type of Love. There's something with his voice... It's rather different—in a good way. And since it's November already, his sweet, mellow voice goes perfect with the cold and chilly weather.
          If you don't know him yet, then let me enlighten you; he first became popular through Youtube. He was constantly posting videos of him—sometimes with his friends—doing a cover or a music video for his original songs. Boy, was he talented. Charlie also wrote, co-produced, and was featured on a song, "See You Again", with Wiz Khalifa.

          I listen to his songs on Spotify constantly; while I'm in the shower, while I get ready for the day, while doing homework, on my way to school, on my way home from school, and before sleeping—I'm basically obsessed. I know, I know, it may seem exaggerated—but it's the truth, and nothing but the truth.

          I just realized that this post turned into more of a rant than an actual "November Playlist", and I'm truly sorry for that. Sometimes, I just get too carried away—especially if we're talking about Charlie (haha). So, without further ado, here's my monthy playlist for November.

Some Type of Love:
I Won't Tell a Soul
Marvin Gaye feat. Meghan Trainor
Some Type of Love

         Anyways, thanks again for stopping by and reading my little rant (haha). So tell me, what have you been listening to lately? 'Cause I'd love to know.

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